In Memoriam

Grão Mestre Camisa Roxa

Edvaldo Carneiro da Silva

January 7, 1944 - April 18, 2013

Grant him eternal rest!
Conceder-ele o descanso eterno!

Grão Mestre • ABADÁ Capoeira
Founder and Chief Instructor • ABADÁ Capoeira Europa

Mestre Bimba created modern Capoeira ...

Mestre Camisa Roxa introduced Capoeira to the world

Camisa Roxa's lifes work was to create a holistic Capoeira,
reconciling the methods of Regional and Angola.

"In reality, very few people understood Mestre Bimba real intentions. He wanted to an dynamic, upright Capoeira first, with his method, but with time every person should learn how to play Angola."

Grão Mestre Camisa Roxa

1944 born at Fazenda Estiva, in Jacobina, Bahia

1954 began informal study of Capoeira

1963 became formal student of Mestre Bimba in Salvador

1969 alunos formados, graduate, of the Academia de Mestre Bimba

Mestre Camisa Roxa • Blackbelt Magazine 1969

1972 formed Olodum Maré toured Brazil

1973 formed Brasil Tropical toured worldwide and introduced Capoeira in over 40 countries

1979 settled in Germany and began to consolidate Capoeira in over 50 countries worldwide

1989 settled in Austria and formed ABADÁ Capoeira Europa

---- appointed Grão Mestre of ABADÁ Capoeira

2013 passed away in Salvador, Bahia

Grão Mestre Camisa Roxa was born Edvaldo Carneiro da Silva and spent his childhood in the interior of North Central, Bahia. He began to play capoeira when he was 10 years old, eventually moving to Salvador and becoming a student of Mestre Bimba, founder of modern Capoeira.

Eventually, he formed ABADÁ Capoeira Europa organizing workshops for instructors and professors, European Capoeira Encounter, and ABADÁ Capoeira European Games. His goal was consolidating European Capoeira through theoretical and practical classes.

Perhaps a more disciplined Capoeira and unity among the leaders would produce more responsibility and professionalism

Talvez uma Capoeira mais disciplinar e a união entre os l�deres, produza uma Capoeira com mais responsabilidade e profissionalismo

Grão Mestre Camisa Roxa