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You don't train for Capoeira ...
Capoeira trains you for life!!

Capoeira is a martial art disguised as a dance. Many dancers and performers (modern dance, hip-hop and music videos) have adopted some of its unique movements and dynamics. Capoeira is regularly seen in music videos, video games, and movies: Aeon Flux, Catwoman, Ocean's 12, Meet The Fokkers, Only The Strong, Rooftops, Brenda Star, The Mighty Quinn, Lethal Weapon

Expect to develop a stronger sense of self and self-defense, along with a great, and sometimes liberating, workout

Mestra Edna Lima's classes are based on traditional capoeira sequences and modern progressions, work with partners (we'll provide one for you!), traditional Capoeira music featuring berimbau, atabaque, pandeiro ... and enthusiasm.

Class exercises are developed on interval training patterns: cardiovascular sequences mixed with bodyweight resistance exercises, and periods of active recovery. The result is an exciting combination of aerobic endurance, functional strength, and complex agility.

Each class begins with movement games to warm-up, specific exercises to prepare for training, partner and line-work to develop techniques, movement sequences to integrate techniques, and a Capoeira roda to develop intuitive movement and build confidence and practice playing Capoeira music.

Capoeira training is an integration of technique and tactics designed to prepare students for progression through modern Capoeira methods and participation Capoeira rodas.

Expect to work hard ... play Capoeira music ...
and enjoy the roda

Mestra Lima has 40 years experience teaching Capoeira and currently teaches throughout New York City, Long Island University, public elementary schools, and master classes and workshops around the world.

Starting Capoeira is simple: show up for class with a change of loose-fitting workout pants, t-shirt (light-colored preferred), a bottle of water, and an open attitude ... arrive a little early and introduce yourself!!

Mestra Lima is uniquely experienced in shaping successful experiences for all students!

If you're fit enough to get here ... you're fit enough to start training. One of Capoeira's attributes is accessibility and enjoyment of participation at all levels.

Spectators are generally welcome but space is limited ... please schedule your visit ? membership and schedule information are updated online.

Capoeira Student Registration

Please help by downloading and printing the linked Registration and Release forms, complete them, and bring to your first class. Download Adobe Acrobat if necessary. Forms will be provided if you are unable to download or print.



If you have any questions please e-mail:

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