In Memoriam

Doña Lourdes Lima Basilio

October 15, 1921 - 2017

Grant her eternal rest!
Conceder-ele o descanso eterno!

Our deepest condolences and heartfelt prayers for Edna Lima's dear Mother Lourdes Basilio Lima.
Lourdes was loved and respected by everyone who knew her.
Lourdes was a lively 95 years young who loved Brasil, Samba, and her family,
especially her devoted and loving daughter Edna Lima.

Lourdes, Olga, Edna
Chinatown, NYC

Doña Lourdes, Grão Mestre Camisa, Mestra Edna in ABADA Batizado

Doña Lourdes, Shihan Yoshizo Machida, Sensei Edna Lima in Brazil

Little Red Schoolhouse in SoHo, NYC

Lourdes at JFK Airport in NYC

Lourdes riding subway in NYC

Lourdes, Edna, and Familia in Brasilia

Lourdes song of life

Lourdes song of celebration