In Memoriam

Master Masatoshi Nakayama

April 13, 1913 - April 15, 1987

Chief Instructor, JKA World Federation
Jyudan 10th Degree Blackbelt

Master Gichin Funakoshi brought Karate to Japan ...

Master Nakayama spread Karate throughout the world.

"Human progress in the art of Karate-do is like climbing a series of stairs or steep steps. As the mind and body grow together, the student moves continuously onward and upward, one step at a time.

Even when the body declines, there is still another step ahead in the seeking of chracter perfection. Until the day you die, the process is endless, because no one is perfect, but we can all become a little better if we keep trying."

Master Nakayama

1913 born in Honshu, Japan

1932 began Karate training with Master Funakoshi at Takushoku University.

1936 assisted in the first public exhibition of Karate in Tokyo.

1937 graduated from Takushoku University.

1949 participated in establishing the Japanese Karate Association (JKA).

1955 JKA formally recognized by Japanese Ministry of Education with Master Funakoshi as Chief Instructor Emeritus and Master Nakayama as Chief Instructor.

1956 developed Instructor Training Program with Master Teruyuki Okazaki (Founder and Chief Instructor, ISKF) to standardize Shotokan teaching methods based on traditional Karate and sports science.

1957 first All-Japan Karate Tournament using contest rules developed by Master Nakayama and Master Okazaki.

1960 Master Nakayama is appointed successor and 2nd Chief Instructor of the Japan Karate Association.

1965 published Dynamic Karate, the bible of modern Karate, the first of more than 20 books on Shotokan Karate, including Dyamic Karate, and the Practical Karate, Best Karate, and JKA Kata Video series.

1977 publishes the first volume in the definitive Best Karate series.

1987 passed away in Tokyo, Japan.

Master Nakayama's JKA Shotokan Karate Publications

Master Masatoshi Nakayama was born in the Yamaguchi prefecture of Japan. He began studying Karate after enrolling in Takushoku University in 1932, where he trained under Master Gichin Funakoshi. Master Nakayama had studied Chinese language at the University and went to China as an interpreter in 1937. He returned to Japan in 1946 and assisted Master Funakoshi in forming the JKA.

Later, along with Master Okazaki, he formed the JKA instructor trainee program and formulated rules for Karate competition. The first Instructor graduates and later All-Japan Champions included Hirokazu Kanazawa (SKIF), Yutaka Yaguchi (ISKF), Keinosuke Enoeda (KUGB), and Hideo Ochi (DJKB).