The Capoeira Experience

Traditional Capoeira Training with Mestra Edna Lima

... sharing experiences with new friends ... performing, playing, and praying ... living the Capoeira way!!

Grao Mestre João Grande's Birthday Roda

Mestra Lima at Grao Mestre João Grande's Birthday Roda

Mestra Edna Lima playing berimbau with Mestre João Grande and Mestre Kiki da Bahia
Mestranda Lima at Mestre João Grande's Birthday Roda
Capoeira Angola Center of Mestre João Grande

The Snow Roda: Capoeira in the Blizzard

Capoeira in the greatest blizzard in 10 years

BLIZZARD in New York found Mestra Lima trekking outside with her students at Cameron Dance SoHo to celebrate the greatest blizzard in 10 years.

Wear Red: Women's Heart Truth Annual Workout

Mestra Lima's Roda at the Heart Truth Class

Women's Heart Truth annual events raise awareness of women's heart disease and promote physical activity with a special Capoeira Workout class at NYSC SoHo

Technique Impact Training at Shotojuku Dojo

Mestra Lima explains Capoeira impact training

Biomechanics of IMPACT TRAINING with Capoeira techniques explained by Mestra Edna Lima.
Training with impact pads and equipment provides a new dimension to the application of techniques
Shihan Kai Leung's Shotojuku Dojo

Abadá Capoeira New York Batizado

Mestra Lima celebrates the Roda

BATIZADO and YOUTH BATIZADO with over two dozen Capoeira Youth™ from Harlem and Brooklyn

Mestre Camisa's Workshops in New York City

Mestre Camisa and Mestra Lima lead a Capoeira laidinha

MESTRE CAMISA visits NYC for a week of workshops at Chelsea Studios and an Abadá Capoeira Batizado

CPR training for Advanced Capoeira Students

Abadá Capoeira New York updates first-aid skills

CPR TRAINING with Michael Yousouf at the Shotojuku Dojo

Special training in Union Square Park

Coco and Carlton in the Square

UNION SQUARE outdoor Capoeira class and Roda with a visit by Contra Mestre Andre Gusmao

Fundraiser and Roda Under the Stars in Brooklyn

Edna Lima, friends, and supporters celebrating under the Manhattan Bridge

FUNDRAISER under the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn with Brazilian food and drink, video projections, and a rooftop Roda and dance!

Berimbau Crafting Workshop in SoHo

Capoeiristas crafting tools of the Berimbau

BERIMBAU WORKSHOP outdoors at Cameron Dance/SoHo with lessons in crafting a Berimbau: cabaça, aramé, and verga. Participants had an opportunity to craft their own Berimbau

Harlem Youth Music Workshop at Central Park

Harlem youth get their first experience with African musical traditions with Mestranda Lima

Mestra Edna Lima's Capoeira Youth™ Events in Central Park Meers with an outdoor Capoeira class and Music Workshop for Harlem youthh

In Memorium: 9/11

Abadá Capoeira New York 9/11

Mestra Edna Lima and Abadá Capoeira Memorial for 9/11

Outdoor Performance at Highbridge Park, Bronx

Maculele performance onstage in the Bronx

Mestranda Edna Lima presents a CULTURAL PERFORMANCE at Highbridge Park/Bronx with Capoeira, Maculele, and Candomble featuring Mario Pereira, capoeira Angola

Labor Day Class and Roda at Central Park Bandshell

Mestra Lima opens a Roda in Central Park

CENTRAL PARK RODA celebrating Labor Day at the Naumberg Bandshell

Mestra Edna Lima Workshops in Japan

Mestra Edna Lima with Abadá Capoeira Japan

Mestra Edna Lima presented a series of workshops with her students in Tokyo

Capoeira Cross-Training in Okinawan Karate

MARTIAL ARTS crosstraining in Okinawan Karate at Cameron Dance/SoHo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the Shotojuku Dojo

Tundaka learning a Karate interpretation of ginga

Sensei Edna Lima's oldest friends in New York and senior Karate instructors who have trained for over 30 years in North America and Okinawa

Capoeira Cross-Training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Graduada Aramé learns a finishing move from a rastera

Sensei Gene Dunn was coached by Sensei Edna Lima to several international Karate championships and later began training BJJ becoming the first US blackbelt in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu
Brooklyn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Stage Performance at the ING New York Marathon

Mestra Lima and Abadá Capoeira New York featured in the New York Times

Abada Capoeira at ING NEW YORK MARATHON celebrating over 37,000 international runners with a Capoeira Music performance onstage in Brooklyn

Stage Performance at the LIU Dance Faculty Concert

Aerobica's solo

LIU DANCE FACULTY CONCERT featuring World Dance Professor Edna Lima.
Performance opened with Graduada Aerobica's solo

performance closed with Amazonas forms

Performance closed with Amazonas forms featuring Professor Tiba and Mario Pereira

Celebrating Mestre Itapoan's Saga of Mestre Bimba

Mestre Itapoan greets Mestranda Lima

MESTRE ITAPOAN introduced his book Saga of Mestre Bimba in New York with a book-signing and Roda presented by Mestre Glauber of Capoeira Legados

Demonstrating Capoeira Culture

Mestra Edna Lima and Professor Tiba introduced Capoeira culture at a festival addressing cultural diaspora

New Year's Day at the Joaõ Grande Capoeira Academy

Mestra Lima and Mario Pereira in the New Year

NEW YEAR'S DAY 2007 at the Joao Grande Capoeira Academy